A guide to the best photo spots in Lofoten

Last year I did an amazing road trip to the beautiful Lofoten Islands in Norway. The Lofoten Islands are a unique archipelago and are located beyond the Arctic Circle.

I was traveling with the camper for a month and I was able to discover so many lovely places. There are breathtaking views, dramatic mountains and incredible beaches.

Photo Locations Lofoten

Discover the most beautiful places in Lofoten

Photo Location #1

Kvalvika Beach

Kvalvika Beach is by far the most beautiful place in Lofoten Islands. The lonely bay can only be reached on foot through a hike lasting several hours. The fine sandy beach, the turquoise water and the steep rugged cliffs are simply incredible.

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Photo Location #2

Reine & Hamnøy

Reine and Hamnøy are small fishing villages and are located right next to each other at the southern end of Lofoten Islands. Both the view from the bridge in Hamnøy and the view from the mountain Reinebringen are very popular photo opportunities.

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Photo Location #3

Haukland Beach

Haukland Beach is one of the most popular places in Lofoten Islands. The white sandy beach and the crystal blue water make Haukland a popular summer destination among tourists. The beach is very accessible by car and have a large parking lot.

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Photo Location #4


Værøy is a small island in the south of Lofoten Islands with a population of only 728 inhabitants. The landscapes on the island are very varied and well suited for hiking. The island of Værøy also offers visitors plenty of rest and relaxation.

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Photo Location #5

Uttakleiv Beach

Uttakleiv Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lofoten Islands. The fine white sandy beach is surrounded by a rugged mountain backdrop. With a large grassy area directly by the beach, Uttakleiv is a popular spot to camp.

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Photo Location #6


Eggum is an old and idyllic fishing village. The village of Eggum is located on the rough atlantic coast next to steep mountains. On the area around Eggum you will find beautiful grasslands and coastlines with a lot of large round stones.

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